LemonTree Farm Rabbitry

Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Sarah winning the Bandy's High School Carrousel Princess Representative for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement. 

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Call or Text (828) 244-7449

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Carolina winning a Best In Show 2013 - Thanks Piper Smith

2014-2015 NC State FFA Officers

LTF's Daisy
Black Tri Pembroke Welsh Corgi

-House Alarm for all unknown noises that no one else can hear.
-Lives for her next accidentally dropped piece of food or golf cart ride.
-Skunk Chaser!!!! (Enough said)
-Cat Herder
-Scared of anything in your hand other than food. (Hair bands, dust bunnies, paper clips...etc.)
-Mike's work beeper or the low battery smoke alarms will bring on attacks of "Stress Related Colitis" that result in large Veterinarian and carpet cleaning bills.
- Will find the only dead mouse, pile of deer poop or smelliest thing imaginable to roll on, and then wonders why its always bath time.

LOVED By FAMILY (Except by Sarah who is just jealous of her)!

LTF's Lizzie McGuire

- Tabby House Cat


(Self appointed "RULER" of the house)

1 - HATES CORGI!!!!!!

2 - HATES clean carpet and comforters and must christen them with a nasty furballl!!!



LTF's Chute Dog and Koda Bear
Standard Australian Shepherds

I have had a Standard Aussie in my life since I was 16 years old.  Koda and Chute are my last two. I quit raising them last year to focus on other interests. They will forever be my favorite breed and I have been blessed to have had some of the best.

Koda - The artful protector of the Realm aka "The Farm"
RIP Chute Dog - Koda's faithful partner and the only dog that he will let near him or us. She is truly the sweetest dog in the world. -- We lost Chute several months ago, but she will live on in our hearts.