LemonTree Farm Rabbitry

Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Senior Bucks

(GC) LTF's Scandalous

(Lyle Creek's Isis X LeSage's Luke)

Broken Seal Sr. Buck

Born 3-15-14

Championship Legs - 14

BOS - 9-13-14 Sandhills RBA Open Show B

BOB 10-4-14 Perry Georgia Open Show A

BOB 10-4-14 Perry GA - Open Show A

BIS 10-4-14 Perry GA - Open Show B out 605 entries and 115 Exhibitors

BOS 11-15-14 Conyers GA - Open Show A

BOB 11-15-14 Conyers GA - Open Show C

(GC) LTF's Versace

(Armani younger brother)
(Keep's Tribal X Keep's Snow)
Shaded - Sable Point Jr Buck
Born: 11-19-13

4th Place Shaded Jr. Buck at 2014 Jersey Wooly Nationals 5-3-14

BOS - 5-17-14 SPRCC Open Show A

BOSG 5-31-14 NCYRBA Open Show A

BOG - 9-13-14 Sandhills GSO Open Show A

BOG - 9-13-14 Sandhills GSO Open Show B

BOB - 9-13-14 Sandhills GSO Open Show C

BOSG -10-4-14 Perry GA - Open Show A

LTF's Prime Candidate

(Keep's Tribal x Keep's Looking for Love)

Sable Point Shaded Jr Buck
Born: 12-24-13

1st Place Shaded Jr. Buck at 2014 Jersey Wooly Nationals

BOG - 4-5-14 GCRBA Open Show B
FIC - 5-3-14 Ohio State JW Open Specialty


(GC) Keep's Lawbreaker

(JG's Hot Stuff X Keep's Epiphany)
AOV - Point White -Black
Weight - 2.0 lbs
Born 11-20-12
BOB - 4-27-13 Coastal Plain RBA Open Show C (48 Entries / 7 exhibitors)
BOSB - 4-27-13 Coastal Plain RBA Youth Show A
BOSB - 4-30-13 NCRBA Youth Show D
BOB - 5-18-13 SPRCC Spring Show Youth B
BOB - 5-25-13 GAA Youth Show
BOSB - 11-16-13 Decatur RBA Fall Show Youth A

Hidden Treasure's TNT

(Country Styles Chaos x Country Styles Dynamite)

Self - Black Jr. Buck

Born 8-3-14

I am so excited that Lisa Reynolds shared this beautiful little buck with me. I can't wait for his wool to come back in. He is the total package and I am planning on taking him to Nationals in May.

LTF's Fantasy Suite


(TB's Rio X Lyle Creek's Irish)

Self - Black Buck

Born 11-4-14

Pi Hollow's The King 

(Erb's Elvis x Erb's Paula)

Self - Ruby-Eyed White

Born 9-15-2014

Very Excited to have been able to win this boy in the Pat McNab Benefit Auction at Jersey Wooly Nationals 2015

Junior Bucks 

LTF's Tator Tot


(LTF's Scandalous X LTF's Vegas)

Shaded - Tortoiseshell Buck

Born 11-17-14

LTF's Shame On You

( LeSage's Luke X Lyle Creek's Isis )

Broken Black Buck

Born 11-19-14

Full Brother to LTF's Scandalous - Probably doesn't have enough color to show - Hence his name.

LTF's Backfire

(TB's Rio X LTF's Cold Embers)

Broken Black Otter

Born 1-11-2014

LTF's Notorious

Keep's Lawbreaker X LTF's Panic Button

Siamese Sable Buck

Born 1-24-15