LemonTree Farm Rabbitry

Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Senior Does

LTF's Dior - (Armani's Littermate Sister)

(Keep's Tribal x Keep's Snow)
Sable Point - Shaded SR Doe
Born: 1-2-13

BOSB - 4-27-13 Eastern Carolina RBA Youth Show B
BOSB - 4-27-13 Costal Plain RBA Open Show C
BOSB - 5-18-13 SPRCC Youth Show B

BOB - 11-15-14  Conyers GA - Open Show B

BOS - 11-15-14 Conyers GA Open Show C

She is as good a mother as she is a show doe.
Mother to Vergara and Va Va Voom

*News Flash* - Dior delivered 4 healthy kits on 1-23-15 by GC LTF's Scandalous - Jury is out on their color, but I think I have 3 sable points and a rew

LTF's Hot Topic (Scandalous's Litter Mate)
Lyle Creek's Isis X LeSage' Luke

Black Otter

Born 3-15-14

First Show out

BOB - 11-15-14 Conyers GA - Open Show A


Hottie has a new litter by a beautiful broken black otter buck that Joni Moore has named Perry - 3 Broken Black Otters and a Black otter

LTF's Panic Button - (a.k.a. Button)

(Keep's Lawbreaker X LTF's Prada)

Siamese Sable Shaded Sr. Doe
Born: 9-25-13

She is the sweetest and cutest thing you have ever seen. She is a natural poser and is a total package.

BOS-NC STATE CONVENTION  3-23-14 -Open Show C under Judge Todd Naragon

BOS - Perry GA Open Show A 10-4-14

BOS - 10-4-14 Perry GA - Open Show A

BOG - 10-4-14 Perry GA - Open Show B 

(GC) LTF's Carolina
(Keep's Tar Heel X Keep's Snow)
Blue Self Sr. Doe
Born - 9/2/12

BIS - 2-23-13 Fairview NC Youth Benefit Show A (113 entries by 26 Exhibitors)
BOSB - 3-23-13 NCRBA Youth Show A & Show B & Show C
BOB  - 3-23-13 NCRBA Youth Show D
RIS -  5-18-13 SPRCC Spring Show Youth A (158 entries by 45 exhibitors)
BOSB - 5-18-13 SPRCC Spring Show Youth C

Carolina has been staying home, making beautiful babies, as of late. She is an excellent mother, which is the icing on the cake.

(GC) LTF's Felony

(Keep's Lawbreaker X McKie's Juliet)
Pointed White-Black AOV Jr Doe
Born: 6-25-13

BOSB - 11-16-13 Decatur RBA Fall Youth Show C
BOSB - 12-07-13 SPRCC Fall SHow Youth Show B
BOSB - 1-25-14 PTRF Open Show B
BOB - 5-31-14 Mocksville NCYRA - Open Show C

Felony is Lawbreaker's first baby. She has an amazing body, wool and points.
LTF's Vegas

(Keep's Tribal x Keep's Looking for Love)
Sable Point Shaded Jr Doe
Born: 8-7-13


BOSB - Blue Ridge Rabbit Breeders Open Show A (27 with 8 exhibitors)
- Blue Ridge Rabbit Breeders Open Show B

Lyle Creek's Isis 

(Keep's Zumba x TB's Best Cleo)

Broken Tort Otter (Not Showable)

Born: 7-24-13

Mother of GC- LTF's Scandalous BIS Winning Broken Seal Buck

Isis is another awesome brood doe from Lyle Creek. She is a non-showable color, being a Broken Tort Otter. She is the litter mate to Lyle

 Creek's Irish. She has an excellent head, body and wool and with careful breeding and culling we have been assured that we can get rid of the tort gene. 

She is just too nice, not to try.

Lyle Creek's Irish
(Keep's Zumba x TB's Best Cleo)

Black Otter Tan SR Doe

Born: 7-24-13

BOB - 1-25-14 PTRF Open Show A
BOSB - 4-5-14 GCRBA Open Show B
BOB - 5-17-14 SPRCC Open Show A

Sarah saw Irish for sale last year at a show and had to have her. Joni of Lyle Creek's Rabbitry had two outstanding Tan Pattern Juniors. She kept the buck and put the doe (IRISH) up for sale. Sarah spent her money and brought her home....so glad she did.

LTF's Cold Embers

(Lyle Creek's Giada X Keep's Tribal)

Broken Black Jr. Doe

Born: 2-12-14

We are keeping Embers for our Broken program. She does not have a nose marking, but she does have the confirmation and AMAZING wool.

LTF's Larceny

Keep's Lawbreaker X McKie's Juliet

Born 5-20-14

AOV - Pointed White - Black


1-24-15  BOSB - Mocksville, NC Open Show B

This doe is almost a carbon copy of her older sister, " LTF's Felony" except Larceny has darker points.

LTF's Martini

Lesage's Luke X Lyle Creek's Isis

Born 6-12-14

Black Self Jr Doe


BOSG - 10-4-14 Perry, GA Open Show A

BOG - 11-15-14 Conyers GA Open Show A

LTF's Jewel Pop

(Keep's Lawbreaker X LTF's Flaunt It)

Siamese Sable - Doe

Born 6-12-14

LTF's Lady Luck

(Keep's Lawbreaker X LTF's Vegas)

Siamese Sable Doe

Born 9-26-14

LTF's Silhouette

(aka Silly)

(TB's Rio X LTF's Carolina)

Self - Ruby-Eyed White Doe

Born 11-4-14

Silly is my favorite junior in the barn right now. She is 13 weeks in these photos. Posted 2-5-15

LTF's Stiletto

(LTF's Scandalous x TB's Ellie)

Broken Siamese Sable Doe

Born 11-4-14

Junior Does


(ALOTA HOPPIN's HR1 (Perry) X LTF's Hot Topic)

Broken Black Otter Doe

Born 12-14-14

4 Weeks(Very excited about this little Cutie)....>